Wednesday, 20 August 2014


2010 Delhi commonwealth games mascot shera and she was a tiger.

Mascot mean a person thing thought to bring good luck.

Name from thdi word sher meaning tiger.
As you can see that my kiwi is playing rugby and his name is Jonah hes named after Jonah Lomu and Jonah Lomu repressor New Zealand in national under- 19 side in 1993.

Life Education

That the Life Education

We Have Been Learning about Drugs that can kill you. Alcohol are dangerous because they can make you crash and get you into trouble like fighting and smashing window and stealing cars.

Drugs don’t choose people,people choose drugs. All medicines are drugs but not all drugs are medicines.
Drugs can make you forget things like counting backward or forward. So I think people should learn how to say ‘NO’ to drugs because they could die.