Friday, 7 November 2014

Auckland Museum

When the year 8’s went to their camp our class Panuba went to the Museum. First we marked the roll and then we went into 8 groups. When we were finished putting ourselves into 8 groups we went one by one into the  bus. After we went into the bus some boy’s and girl’s was happy because we were going on a trip to Auckland museum.

After we were there we went inside the museum and sat down and some of the girl’s and boy’s was singing. Then a man came and said eye on me and we all look at him then he told use the rules he said there are no running no shouting no swearing. When he was finished we have to walk up the stand because we won't allow to take the elevator. Our teacher was taking use to the lurch room to eat. After we were  finished we went down stand and we all had a paper to draw a maori pattern.

Mr Bark took us to a maori pattern and it was cool the thing I like was the boat because is was big and long it look like maui boat when he was fishing. After the maori pattern we went to the Marae we have to take off our shoe’s just in case it muddy. Soon we were go to go and look that the shark. The shark at the end it teeth was sharp and it nearly cut my  off skin.

Later on Mr Bark said we have to go back into the bus put we had to search for things like flower and pond. When I went to the pond I saw lot of fish’s and flower’s it look like I’m in wound land. Mr Bark said let go and take some photo’s some of us said yes but not all of us said yes. Later Miss send and text to Mr Bark she said we are leaving now Mr Bark said let go so we all ran to the bus but I was walking so we can get more time to talk and sleep.

When we got to school we said thank you to the bus driver and we went to class and start talking and Miss Paget said let play head’s down thumbs up. She pick me and some our boy’s and girl’s than ever on went down to play we have to pick someone with their thumbs up and I pick kroilee. Then the bell ring and we all said goodbye Mr Bark and Miss Paget hope you have a
good day.