Monday, 29 October 2012

Going fishing with my dad

On Saturday I went fishing with my dad.We went on our boat and we put our fishing rods in the boat too. Then we put our fishing rods out to fish in the water.
We left them for a little while. Then my dad caught a fish. It was a little bit bigger than my head. After that I caught one. It was big and it bit me on my hand.  My dad bit the head to stop the fish biting me.
After that my dad caught another fish and I caught another fish with him. We caught the same fish.
After that we got off the boat with our fishing rods and I slipped and hit my head on a rock.  I cried and I said to dad can you help me, my head hurts. We went home and I slept  in my bed. My dad cooked the fish in the frying pan.

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lee said...

hi semi
that is A very big fish and that is A very cool story I will see you soon ;)

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