Tuesday, 29 October 2013

A mother playing with her child

One day there was a little boy who wanted to play with someone. He went into the forest and he saw a mother and a girl running around the trees. He said to the girl, “Can I play with you?”  and the girl said, “Yes.” After that the girl said, “ What is your name?” and the boy said, “My name is Billy.”  He asked the girl what her name was. She said, “Mele.” Billy said, “That is a nice name.” So Billy went home to get his airplane. He came back with his airplane and Mele and Billy and her mother ran around the trees and the house. Then Billy chucked his plane and it was flying around up in the sky. Then it was coming down. Billy ran to find his airplane and he found  it in the bushes and he was scared that it might be lost. When he came out of the forest the airplane was broken and he cried. Never  mind Mele’s father will fixed it.
Billy was very happy about that.

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