Monday, 28 July 2014


On Saturday me and my cousin went to Mataiki. We went to see the firework. I went to my friends and said should we  played man hurt. When we were playing a boy came up to me and said to me do you want to fight and I said no.Then he said ok and I ok then I said do u want to play man hurt and he said ok then. So we start all over again and my cousin Joe was in. After that we went over to the stage and watched some people performing. Then this man said the firework will be in 2 minute. So me and my cousin went to the shop and buy some popcorn and drink to watched the firework. Then the man said ok then people here it go. Then and me and my cousin watched it.It was cool. After that we went home and I went on the laptop and video chat my friend on facebook.


Moses L said...

Hi semi I like your story about matariki beause it cool
My moses

Machelle said...

Hi Semi do you know the photo that you had rot a story about. It is the best photo I'v every saw.I love to too.

By Machelle Marsters

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