Wednesday, 4 February 2015

My Holiday

What I did in my holiday

On the holidays I went to health camp with my mum. First we put our bag next to the window and line up to go into the hall. Then the people sing to us. After when they were finished they line up in a circle and we went around to meet them and shake hands.

After that we went into the dining room and we had some sandwich. When we were finished we went to get our bag from the window and went with it  our bedroom. Then we get see where we were sleeping and I was in B1. Soon our social workers told us to come down to the mat to see the rules were.

Then we went outside to play around the field and we played soccer it was fun. It was nearly 5 o'clock so we all line up and went up stand and to wash our hands for dinner. When were finished having our dinner we went to the bathroom and had our shower. After our shower went into the whare and we watch some movie. Then it was hot chocolate time and it was nice.

After we went to watch our movie until 7 o'clock it was bedtime so all went to bed and the social workers read us a story.

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