Thursday, 3 December 2015

Semi Writing Test

You have just had a time when you’ve done something special with your friends and classmates.

Write to recount that time.

Write about:
when and where you did something special
who was with you
what you did (think about the order you did things)
how you felt and why you felt this way.

Remember to:
choose your words carefully
write in full sentences
take care with your spelling and punctuation
give your writing a title if you want to
check your work: read it through and fix any mistakes you find.

Recount: Sleeping over my friends house
Yesterday I was sleeping over my friend house and his name was Brandon. First I wake up and got dressed into my school uniform. Then I went down stairs and had my breakfast and my pill.

After having my breakfast I went upstairs to wake up Brandon so he can have his breakfast and his pill.Soon on later I waited for him to finished his breakfast. When he was finished we went upstairs and clean our room. After cleaning our room we waited until it was 8:10 so we can go school.

Recount: Tamaki College
Last Friday our year 8 students had the opportunity to go to Tamaki College for a fun sports day.This sport day was for all the year 8 students that are attending to Tamaki College next year. Also it was chance to get to know Tamaki College for when I start next year.

When we got to Tamaki College our teachers gave us name tags with our names on it and team we belonged to. After that we went outside for our first kiwisport game, touch and football. First we played touch for 20 minute and then move on to football for 25 minute. Later on the bell went and our group Kowhai went to Recenter. First the couch gave as blind fold to complete the Recenter.

After completing the Recenter we went to the basketball court and played this game with hula hoop. When it was finished we went outside and played tiger war. First it was green vs blue but I was in yellow. When they were finished it was yellow vs red and we won like nothing. Then it was blue vs yellow and we bet them. After that it was 2nd vs 1st the 2nd was green and the 1st was bule. After that the blue team won the tiger war and we went back to the hall for a quick meeting. After that meeting we went back to school.

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