Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Tulevai and the Sea

Every morning Tulevai went fishing for his mother. One day Tulevai went fishing in his canoe. A while he was fishing the sea said, “ Tulevai come in the sea and he said, “ No. Tulevai went fishing again and the sea said, “ Tulevai please can you build me a yellow shell house and Tulevai said, “ No. So the sea said to the wind, “ Can you help me?” and the wind said, “ What are you going to give me? A ship,whale and a feather. Then the wind blew the sea and Tulevai fell out of his canoe. The sea drowned Tulevai. The mother was sitting down on the sand and she was worried. She got up and pushed the sea and she saw Tulevai and he ran out of the sea. The sea was still looking for Tulevai.

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