Monday, 2 September 2013

Maui and the Sun

                         Maui and the Sun     

One day Maui and his brothers were going fishing. But the sun were going to fast. Maui said, “ Let us go and make that sun go more slowly.” The brothers laughed. “We can’t make it go slowly.”  Maui said, “ Yes we can we will need to make flax ropes.” So Maui and his brother set off in the darkness. They went to look for the hole where the sun rises. After that they waited for the sun to come up. When the sun was coming up Maui said, “ Get ready.” And the brothers were ready.When the sun was up Maui said, “Go!” The brothers jumped out and they chucked the ropes over the sun.“ Don’t let go of it!” yelled Maui. Maui ran towards the sun and hit him. The sun said, “ Can you see I’m dying?” and Maui said, “ Let the ropes go.” The sun was moving slowly and Maui and his brothers had plenty of time to fish, hunt and eat their food.

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