Monday, 9 September 2013

Rona and the Moon

It was night. Marama the Moon was shining bright in the sky . The children couldn't sleep in their whare and they said, “ Rona can you get some water in the taha please?” Rona got up and went to look for the water in the spring . When Rona went looking Rona said, “ Marama come out of the cloud. Marama didn’t listen and Rona tripped over the ngaio tree. Rona got angry with Marama and told her you are a silly Moon. Marama got angry with Rona and she pulled Rona up to the Moon. Rona said, “ Marama, let me go.”  Marama pulled and pulled until the ngaio tree come off. When the ngaio tree came off Marama pulled Rona into the sky. Rona’s children called for her and she said,  “I’m up here.”  They looked up in the sky and they saw Rona holding the ngaio tree and the taha. Now Rona couldn’t get down to see her children.

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