Monday, 11 November 2013

Going Fishing

On Saturday our family went fishing. First we put the bait on then chucked the line in the water. After a while I caught a fish. It was a snapper and it was big. Then my dad caught a fish and it was a snapper. It was the same as mine. After that I went for a swim and my cousin came too. We were doing bombs and my cousin told me to come in. I said, “No.” and my other cousin came at the back of me and he pushed me into the water. Then I ran after him and he fell on the ground. Me and my cousin were pushing him in the water and he was crying. Then my dad said, “No more!” and we said, “Ok.” Then me and my cousin were laughing. After that I saw my aunty she bought us K.F.C and we said, “Thank you.” When it was getting night  time we packed up our stuff and went home. I said to myself, “That was cool.”     

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